Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Begins!

We are going on a spring break trip this year! Just Jared and me, that is. The kids are at my parents house this week and we are off on a much-needed vacation. We chose New Orleans for some reason. I've never been so I am so very excited! We don't really have a schedule per se but we have several things in mind to do. My plan is to post every night when we come in from the day. Knowing me, it won't happen that way but I have to have goals.

Today, we got a late start. Jared had to go in to work since he had a board meeting to attend this afternoon. I took the kids to Batesville and dropped them off at my parents house. We left Little Rock around 5:30. Our plan was to drive all the way to Hammond, LA and spend the night in a cheap hotel. "Why Hammond?" you might ask. You won't believe this but there is a golf course here that Jared has wanted to play at for some time.(For those of you that care, it's a David Toms course.) About an hour into our trip, Jared suggested that I use his phone to book us a room for the night. 45!! minutes later we had a room reserved at the Best Western Inn and Suites in Hammond. Just by booking the room ahead of time on Expedia.com, we saved $30! True story. We finally arrived at 12:30 a.m., only to find out that they "had" to bump us up to a suite because all the regular rooms were taken. So, we paid $59+tax for a suite! I'd say it was a pretty good start to our trip.

Jared is heading out before 8 o'clock in the morning to go play golf and I have between now and then to decide if I'm going to go with him to ride in the cart and take pictures OR take him to the course and come back to the hotel and hang out for 3 hours till he's done.(I spotted a TJ Maxx across the street from our hotel on the way in!) Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what I decided to do and what fun we had when we arrived in New Orleans!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

After All, We're Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks to Aunt Callie for the cute St. Patrick's Day shirts. The kids normally wear uniforms to school but I knew if they didn't wear their shirts today, it wouldn't be any fun. So I let them wear them with their khakis. I didn't get a call from the school to come get them or make them change so they got to be festive and wear green. We are Irish, you know.


Is it March already? It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the snow! Where does the time go? Life is nothing but a whirlwind.
I am no longer employed at Pleasant Valley Day School, which is a HUGE blessing. I was only working Tues/Thurs from 8-2 but apparently my tolerance to stress is very, very low. My body didn't respond so well and I ended up on some medicine for anxiety. I resisted the medicine for several months, thinking I could overcome the problem myself. I finally resorted to the medicine after I realized I couldn't do it on my own. I feel tons better and am already weaning myself off the meds after only a month. As I said before, I also quit my job, which is what pushed me over the edge, in my opinion. That whole ordeal just confirms my decision to never go into the education field. For now I am keeping an 8 week-old three days a week. I love being at home every day again. I don't get a shower and get dressed until the baby and Chase are both napping at noon. My laundry is kept up with(mostly) and my house is slightly cleaner. The most important part is I am HAPPIER! Life is good. I thank God daily when I wake up happy in the morning(after coffee). We still have a crazy family schedule and life isn't always ideal but it's good because God blesses us EVERY DAY.

We've had a few big events in the last two months a some small developments too. No, I am not pregnant. Avery had a daddy/daughter dance at school in February. Oh she was so excited for days! She was a little put out that we didn't go pick out a new dress but her excitement for the big event superseded her disappointment over no new dress. She picked out Jared's tie and I straightened her hair with my CHI. It was a BIG deal.

Jared got her a wrist corsage and a single rose before they went. It was so precious.

Just Monday Hunter and Jared celebrated their birthdays. Hunter turned 8 and Jared, 31. I told Hunter, just as I told Avery for her birthday, that they could pick any restaurant they wanted to for their birthday dinner. Avery chose The Purple Cow for hers-AWESOME for everybody. Hunter, on the other hand, chose Play Time Pizza. Bleh! A promise is a promise so we went to Play Time Pizza for dinner Sunday night. Food-awful. Games-Chuck E. Cheese-like. The kids all had fun so and that was the ultimate goal. I guess we can sacrifice one night a year.

Happy Birthday, Boys!