Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Is For Birthdays Around Here

As many of you know, Jared and Hunter share the same birthday-23 years apart.  Hunter turned 7 on March 15th, which means Jared turned......what???? 30!!!!!  Yep!  The big 3-0.  He hasn't really expressed too much about this birthday except to keep saying that he's fat and bald.  I just roll my eyes and let him grumble.  We had a little party on Saturday, "boys only", per Hunter's request.  They played basketball, dodgeball and baseball.  Obviously, girls could not be invited.  On Sunday we had another small celebration for Jared.  Two birthday cakes in one weekend, a new Wii Fit and the finishing touch was the tooth Hunter lost at the end of the night on Sunday.  His first one!  We had a great weekend with family and friends and now the birthday month is over until next year.  

I somehow deleted the pics from Hunter's b-day party so maybe Aunt Callie will be kind enough to post on her blog. :)