Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Conversation With A 16-month Old

Just a short video of Chase's response to every question asked.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Haircut

I'm not going to post pictures EVERY time one of my kids gets a haircut.  I'm really just putting this one on here for the grandparents and other family.  We really do other fun things besides getting our hair cut!  I also wanted to follow up on Hunter's infamous new hand sign story.  There really wasn't any spectacular ending.  Jared talked to him on the way home from basketball practice and just explained that he shouldn't talk to other kids about things like that.  If he wants to talk about things like that, he should talk to us about it at home.  I also talked to him as I was putting him to bed about how it's not right for two boys or two girls to like each other like that.  That's why God made and a boy and a girl in the beginning.  He knew the boy could take care of the girl and the girl could take care of the boy, each in different ways.  Anyway, after my little talk, he said "I know.  Mom do you think there are more boys in the world or more girls?"  At that point I knew his innocence was still in tact and the conversation ended.  I may have overreacted but it's still not something I take lightly.  It's hard raising kids to be godly people!  It's also scary that we won't know how we did until they're adults and we can't really change anything anymore.  Thanks for caring!