Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I told you so! To all 2 of you followers, I told you from the start that I would not be a good blogger. We're a busy family for sure but that doesn't mean I haven't had ANY free time to update this blog. When I do have free time, I have to choose what I want to do the most. I guess it's obvious where the blog falls in that category. However, this is Day 3! of no school due to snow/ice so I have some time on my hands.

We did celebrate Christmas. I now have pictures on my computer to prove it. We were home on Christmas morning and that was so fun! We finally got loaded up around 3 p.m. on Christmas day to head to Memphis. We stayed there for a few days and had 3 different gift exchanges! I'm pretty sure this was the last Christmas Hunter really believed in Santa. He didn't talk much about him and he told me that there were some girls in his class at school who thought their parents were the ones who ate the cookies and milk left for Santa. I acted totally shocked. I only said, "Man, I hope they still get presents for Christmas." I'm sure next year, 3rd grade, his eyes will be opened to the truth. The kids had a great Christmas though. Santa brought Hunter a Razor Spark scooter and a new Mongoose helmet. Avery got a new bike and a helmet and Chase got a Radio Flyer scooter and a helmet. Let me explain why they all got helmets, besides the fact that they're supposed to wear them. At Hunter's 7 year checkup, which was about 6 months late, his pediatrician asked him if he wore a helmet when he rode his bike. Now, when he said no, who was the little "talking to" directed toward actually? Us, right!She lectured him on the safety of riding with a helmet on to protect his head and that he shouldn't ride anything without one. Ugh. Overprotectiveness at it's finest. I'm all for safety and all but geez, kids have to get some injuries along the way right? Also I, for one, couldn't imagine riding a bike or a scooter with a helmet on. I think it would be very uncomfortable and distracting, which could ultimately cause a wreck in and of itself. Whatever. They have helmets now so next time the doctor asks if they have helmets to wear they can say yes.

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